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Our Vegetable Buddha Bowls are made fresh daily and sealed to contain the freshness.  

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Cooperative Economics

Community-based ventures and  entrepreneurs that yield high  social returns for the community  to manage to fund efforts that  build policy + electoral power.


We believe community run businesses will help to revitalize neighborhoods through connected families that are given the opportunity to  realize their dreams of self sufficiency. Helping to connect families through cooperatives empowers families  and allows them to take ownership in models that will help revitalize their community from early childhood through their entire lives, Cooperatives create new economic and health  opportunities.

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Engage & Enroll

Utilizing our current workforce training with community members to create a network of support for the cooperative to build upon and develop processes and activities that serve the needs of the community. The cooperative will hold annual meetings and will focus on charette styled listening sessions where information is gathered for the benefit of the community.

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Food Cooperative Incubation

Families participating as cooperative members have the opportunity to purchase lower cost groceries than traditional supermarkets saving them 35%-50% on their produce. Weekly cooperative training classes help us to inform the community about working within the cooperative model, the advantages of community food cooperatives and how their patronage is rewarded. 

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Cooperative Economics

Community owned cooperative businesses create opportunities for people to address key issues like unemployment and health disparities. Incubating cooperatives allow people to sequester capital leaving their neighborhoods and channels it back into localized neighborhood investments. By teaching cooperative business modeling we help people revitalize their community while creating wealth to hand down to their children thus creating a better future for their children.

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