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Local and speciality foods


Fresh Green Salad with Feta

Membership Advantages

Membership at the North Sarah Food Cooperative has its advantages. Purchasing at wholesale costs is one way you can directly benefit from being a member. Saving 30%-50% on your groceries is a real value when you look at the rising costs of food. Also, we can provide the best prices through membership when it comes to local organic.

How Can We Afford to Sell at 15%-30% Less Than Retail Supermarkets?

As part of our membership, members give 6 hours of their time working monthly in exchange for incredible savings. This helps us reduce our cost of labor. The more people that sign up the lower our labor and the lower the savings passed on to our members. 

What Other Benefits Do I Get as a Member?

Members also receive a dividend payout based on the amount of hours they work within the cooperative. If you work 1000 hours within a year, and the total work hours of all the cooperative members equals 50000 hours that year, then you are entitled to 2% of the portion of revenues designated as profit. If the cooperative made $500,000 as a profit the you earn $10,000 cash. Not bad at all...

How can I work more hours like a job?

Keeping in mind our focus is low cost food and food access we hope you understand that we should not be looked at as an employer. Within a cooperative you own your own labor so if you want to work more hours and the work slots are available then you are able to work. Members may serve time at either the HOSCO Farms, North Sarah Food Hub or North Sarah Food Cooperative but must first make sure their home site location doesn't need their help first.

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